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Lockheed TO-1/TV-1 Shooting Star (Navy) series

Last updated on: April 3, 2018

This page is just for the US Navy Shooting Stars that received Bureau Numbers. The rest that went to the USAF and have Serial Numbers have their own page right here.

At the end of this page is a list of people who have graciously offered their help. Thank you all very much!

P-80A-1-LO (TO-1) b/n 29667
*ex-USAF s/n 44-85000
*5/1945: Delivered to the US Navy.
*1945-47: NATC.
*2/13/1947: Crash landed on Deal Island near NAS Patuxent River, MD due to engine failure.

P-80A-1-LO (TO-1) b/n 29668
*ex-USAF s/n 44-85005.
*12/1945: Delivered to the US Navy.
*1945-47: NATC.
*6/4/1947: Crashed near NAS Patuxent River, MD due to structural failure. Pilot was killed.

P-80A-1-LO (TO-1) b/n 29689 (or 29681?)
*ex-USAF s/n 44-85235.
*3/1946: Transferred to the US Navy.
*1946: MCAS Mojave, CA.
*1946-52: NAS Point Mugu, CA as "235".
*7/1952: Withdrawn from use.
*Was preserved with the Soplata collection in Ohio.
*Was preserved with Black Shadow Aviation in Herlong, FL.
*Currently preserved at the Naval Air Museum, NAS Pensacola, FL

P-80B-1-LO (TO-1) b/n 29690
*ex-USAF s/n 45-8557.
*8/1947: Transferred to the US Navy.
*1947-52: NAS Point Mugu, CA as "690".
*7/1952: Withdrawn from use.
*Currently preserved at Holloman AFB, NM, falsely marked as "49-853".

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33821
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33822
*1948: VMF-311 as "WL-21".
*JTU-1 as "WJ-204".
*NAS Whiting Field, FL as "WJ-904".

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33823
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33824
*7/1948: Delivered to the US Navy.
*1948-49: VF-52.
*1949: ATU-6.
*1949-51: JTU-1.
*1951-52: ATU-3.
*1952-54: ATU-200.
*1954: NARTU Saint Louis, MO as "U-824".
*1954-56: NARTU Oakland, CA as "F-112".
*3/1956: Struck off charge.
*Currently preserved at NAS Willow Grove, PA.

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33825
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33826
*1948: VMF-311 as "WL-22".

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33827
*NARTU Olathe, KS as "F-101".

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33828
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33829
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33830
*2/13/1950: Written off at Brookley AFB, AL.

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33831
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33832
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33833
*1952: ATU-3 as "KA-317".

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33834
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33835
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33836
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33837
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33838
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33839
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33840
*9/1948: Delivered to the US Navy.
*1948-50: VMF-311 as "WL-28".
*1950-51: JTTU-1 Whiting Field, FL.
*1951-52: ATU-3.
*1952-54: ATU-200.
*7/1954: Put into storage at NAF Litchfield Park, AZ.
*4/1956: Struck off charge.
*Was preserved at the Cuyahoga County APT.
*Was preserved at NAS Pensacola, FL.
*Was preserved at MCAS El Toro, CA.
*Currently preserved at the Flying Leathernecks Museum, Miramar, CA.

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33841
*Was preserved in a town park near NAS Sandpoint, WA.
*Was preserved with the Pacific Northwest Aviation Historican Foundation.
*Currently preserved at the Seattle Museum of Flight, WA, restored as a P-80.

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33842
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33843
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33844
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33845
*Currently preserved at NAS Fort Worth, TX, falsely marked as "58507".

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33846
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33847
*NARTU Oakland, CA.

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33848
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33849
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33850
*NAS Oakland, CA as "xF-xx".
*1948: VMF-311 as "WL-29".
*Currently preserved at Merced APT, CA, falsely marked as "53-3850" and then as "56467" and "FT-2455".

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33851
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33852
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33853
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33854
*Was preserved in Canton, OH. Where now?

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33855
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33856
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33857
*VMF-311 as "WL-32".

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33858
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33859
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33860
*1952: ATU-3 as "KA-316".
*ATU-200 as "KA-316".

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33861
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33862
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33863
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33864
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33865
*1954: VR-32.
*2/25/1954: Crashed near Salt Flat, TX due to engine failure.

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33866
*Was preserved at MCAS Cherry Point, NC.
*Was preserved at the Carolinas Air Museum, Charlotte, NC. Where now? Ever with Planes of Fame in Chino, CA?

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33867
*Bailed to NACA as "157".

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33868
*NAS Mustin Field, PA as "868".
*NAS Oakland, CA as "108".
*1958-60: Bailed to NACA as "868".
*2/1960: Withdrawn from use.

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33869
*1948: NATC as "TT-26".

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33870
*--info needed.--

TO-1 (TV-1) b/n 33871
*--info needed.--


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